Zero Waste Kulture is bigger than me, and that is the essence of the Why?

At a young age I was aware that as a family we didn’t consume much.  We weren’t affluent, we did things the old fashioned way.  There were never any lunchbox snacks in the cupboard, never any biscuits (unless we made them), chips, and on and on it goes.  As a child I felt disadvantaged, it was when I started to compare myself with others………..but I grew up and I saw the value in making food from scratch, growing veggies and really treading lightly.  I now teach my own children these same tricks and give them the tools to navigate the new modern world, and lucky for them, their community is growing where this is the social norm – to be more aware of our consumption.

In a nutshell ZWK is about just this, creating a community where we feel included and share our love for the planet through making wiser choices.