My op shop obsession

Op shops, I love them!  When did it start?  It started forever ago, literally 30 years ago.  I was an often out of work model, good looking but little money to burn – well at least to dress my self in the greatest and latest fashion.  When I got my modelling cheques I could never afford the looks brand new. Living off of a diet of rice cakes, soy milk, coffee and bananas I bought all my clothes from Vinnies.  Whilst being slightly yellow from jaundice, I looked great.  There were so many pieces I loved, and still have in my wardrobe.  I miss the blue vintage trousers, the big woollen coat and the burgundy pumps (that had never been worn – ever!).  I love them to death, to their second death.  Ahh so many great fashion moments.

Up to speed in the present day…………………..  25 years later my greatest pieces are still recovered from the ‘oppy’.  IMG_6657

In recent years I have become more conscious of limiting my expenditure, not only because I am a mother but the high street feels like a wasters paradise.  Not the wasters who are high, but those epi-centres where everyone looks the same, the music is slowly killing me and there is just sale table after sale table.  Is that paradise?

Nowadays everywhere we go, mammoth shopping centres are filled from the bottom to the top, of cheap fashion that is unethical, disposable and frankly very same same, and then we have other shopping complexes that serve as liquidation centres to those high street fashion stores.  The fashion industry at that speed is so intense, so wasteful and does little for humanity, except look good for a few minutes till the shape is gone, the clothes are leaching plastic into the oceans and we have yet another $2 s

On visits to these shallow and enormous structures I have caught my breathe to look at the frenzy going on around me.  Christmas is especially horrific.  Kind of reminds me of hungry hyenas having their last feed…………..exaggerated much?

Don’t get me wrong, I love a bargain and I also love Christmas, but if I think about it, my clothes and the countless crafty pieces I pick up from the charity shop enhances my style and fills my home with warmth – you could say the op shop is an extension of my values and expresses my individuality.  Personally I am a more conscious contributor and consumer because of my op shop obsession.

I think that revamping, reusing and reinventing is the shit! Not only do you do good whilst finding some faves but you are cutting waste down.  Denim shorts and 80’s dresses one at a time.

I know many of you are like minded and even if you aren’t check out the scoop on the op shops near you.  My personal faves in the Byron Shire:

St Vincent De Paul – Oxford Street Sydney, Vinnies Charing Cross, Salvation Army Byron Bay, Global Ripple Byron Bay, Vinnies Lismore, Life Line Byron/Tweed and beyond.  So many to share but also so many to keep a secret.

If you live in the major cities – this will point you in the right direction

IMG_6658Remember if you don’t wear it in 6 months move it on, there is always someone who wants your stuff and vica versa.

Drop a line, comment and share your favourite finds!

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