Three things I can do without

I can maybe give up 3 things, like chocolate, coffee and drinking.  But I’m not going to!  Right!  No way!  But there are multiple things that I am attached to on a regular basis, toilet paper, body wash, toothpaste, crackers and really the list goes on.  Each week my husband and I get the house together, plan the meals for the week ahead, do a rip around the house and check out what it is we are missing.  Being conscientious we take our green bags, green fruit and veggie bags and then take a trip to the supermarket and shop.  Yep, boring as F*&K, but hey we all do it.  If you are like me, time poor, time poor and running around looking for a few extra minutes in my day, I don’t have the time (yet) to factor in a trip to the local farmers market and make everything we consume from scratch.  I wish I did.  Maybe this zero waste journey will get me to zero waste nirvana one day.  In the meantime though I have vowed to stop buying things that are excessive, have ridiculous amounts of packaging and that are generally wasteful.  So this week I am ruling out the following:


Loo paper that comes wrapped in plastic:

This is an easy fix, takes a little planning but definitely easy.  Get on to Who Gives a Crap.  Bloody fantastic! I just bought enough loo roll to clean my families bum for weeks, feeling good about it at the same time.  Winning all around.


How am I going to achieve this?  Well the first thing is make my own toothpaste. I have scoured the web and I am not the first person to discover this, so I will take what I have found and make it my own.  Apparently all I need is coconut oil, peppermint oil and baking soda.  I have these items in my cupboard ready to go.  Check out the wellness mama she is all over it.



I have so far made 2 batches of homemade crackers.  They are a work in progress and it will take a little time to perfect – but I am confident that I won’t be buying crackers anytime soon.  I have so far made them gluten-free (bit squeaky on the teeth) and also with gluten, both delicious and my family loves them.  Good news is they are not like air and they are very satisfying and they don’t come wrapped in plastic, nor do I have to recycle.  See the method below:

Bonkers – I mean Crackers!

1 cup flour (GF if you wish / mix 1/2 with brown rice flour – not so squeaky then)

1/3 cup water

2 tbspn melted butter (olive oil)

1/2 tspn salt

Flour for dusting the bench

Options (cause we all like options) – herbs and spices/seaweed paper cut finely/curry powder/parmesan cheese, imagination.

Blend the dry ingredients in a food processor – pulse with butter / oil.  Add in the water slowly (take it easy, deep breath), the ingredients start to form a dough.  Take out and place on the bench and start kneading.  Roll it out, focusing on the dough to be consistent in its thickness.  Cut it into the shapes you wish, cookie cutter it if you have the desire, let yourself go crazy.  Place the shapes onto a lined oven tray,  poke some light holes with a fork (for breathability), brush with some more olive oil, dust with some salt, or even next level get some sesame seeds and sprinkle them like confetti.  Bake them at 160 c for about 20 minutes.  Let them cool and now try to stop yourself from eating them all.

*makes about 45 crackers, costs about 70c – 90 c depending on what sort of flour you use*

Till next time, eat clean, have intent and be ethical consistent.  art-close-up-ecology-886521I know I am trying to be.


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