My Volkswagen syndrome

You must know what I am talking about!, Right? 

Well it all started when I traveled around Australia as an 18 year old in a beautiful 1972  orange pop top Volkswagen Kombi.  Whilst being free and open on the highways that linked all the little towns and places we stopped, I saw Kombi’s.  Everywhere!! Crazy.  Ever since then it has been known to me as my Volkswagen syndrome.  To my husband it is known as ‘Lookie likey disease’. 

Anyway my Volkswagen syndrome is happening again.  I have opened myself up  to a sharing community, looking for alternatives to live a more sustainable life and now that is all I see.  All of a sudden it’s all I see, everywhere! In the last week I have had random links, (probably cookies on my computer) random people have sending me links on websites, businesses, ethical opportunities, I am literally bursting with it all.  I want to share these things with you, exploring whilst I am doing it and share in a brighter future.  

In my hood – Local / community

Renew Fest – Festival taking place in Mullumbimby Northern Rivers NSW – Festival focusing on all things renewable, community based and looking at how we can be better humans.  Get onto the website (if you are local, or not?) buy a ticket to the festival.  Be the change we want to see in the  world.

Broader community – Brisbane / Sydney

Reverse Garbage – Amazing not for profit organisation built on sustainability, education and offering solutions to landfill.  Check out their website for workshops, educationals or upcycled products, you can even go there and buy stuff yourselves.

Australian wide

Good On You- this website/app is for the fashion lovers who want all the trimings of good fashion without the bad vibes of over production, bad practices and consumer exploitation.

OzHarvest – Community / not for profit.  Need I say more, this is the mother of all community based resource rich, sustainable projects I have witnessed in years.  Putting the food waste from restaurants, wholesalers, supermarkets, catering businesses and really list goes on.  Packaging this up and getting it out to the broader community who are vulnerable.  Makes loads of sense.  Jump on their website to have a look at what they are doing, its super cool.











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